Our Belief

We believe that each person has a right to clear and truthful information on their medical condition and the right to spell out how they want to die and have that honored by their families, caregivers, and doctors.

Our Story

This website was created by Heather Robinson, ex-EMT, ex-database marketer, ex-hospice volunteer, current private investigator and author of the book, Dementions.  Her frustrating experiences as an EMT, hospice volunteer, and daughter to wonderful parents who passed away from dementia spurred her to create a website which provided stories, state specific information, and studies on DNR and Advanced Care Directives. We look forward to hearing from you with your comments, ideas and corrections.

How You Can Support Honor the DNR

Make sure to have the following documents completed: Advance Care Directives (or MOLST/POLST if your state uses that), Healthcare Proxy Designation, and Do Not Resuscitate order, if desired. To find out what your state uses, click on "Your State".